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Who we are
Audra Karp, CPM

As a midwife I enjoy helping people become pregnant by providing education, consultations, IUI’s and sperm washings with fresh samples.  I started out over 13 years ago helping Dr. Levine at Womencare doing inseminations.  I also designed and taught a class for queer, straight, and single women in my home to help them track their cycles in order to become pregnant or avoid pregnancy.  With my first child, it took almost 2 years for me to get pregnant using a known donor, and I understand how challenging and stressful this process can potentially be.  My goals are to clarify the process, help get timing right, and maximize chances of success.

I have been attending births as an independent midwife, mostly at home, for the past 18 years assisting clients in taking their health into their own hands, helping them learn about the process they are going through, and inspiring them to make healthier choices in their lives.  I have a background in medicinal herbs and homeopathy, and I am especially interested in nutrition, environmental health, cooking, food preservation, and local food.  I also like hiking, biking, chickens, and being a mama and an auntie.  

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